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Welcome to my homepage. I am working in research and commercial projects. In research projects, my focus is on technical analysis, visualisation, 3D graphics and on lossless data compression. Holding classes at universities, companies, hospitals, research centers and conferences, teaching is an important part of my life since many years. My hobbies include kayaking, swimming, video and visualisation.

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Jürgen Abel

Dr. Jürgen Abel

 Research Interests



Technical Analysis

Technical analysis with different algorithms from computer science, mathematics and engineering.

Medical Image Processing

OpenGL medical systems:
- DICOM and ANALYSE components
- 3D visualisation of CT and MRT data
- Volume Rendering
- Programming of the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) by NVidia’s Cg
- Lossless image compression

Data Compression

Emphasis is focused on lossless compression algorithms:
Burrows-Wheeler Compression Algorithms
- LZ
Preprocessing algorithms for data compression

Object Oriented Development

Object oriented analysis, design and programming, UML, design patterns, software engineering models





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